What Some of our customers are saying

Cheri- Mill Creek

 "I highly recommend Justin and Sky Power Wash.  Justin was able to fit us in to his schedule sooner than we expected and did a fantastic job.  Our driveway has never looked better.  Justin is very professional and knowledgeable and even suggested how we could maintain our driveway between professional cleanings.  We will definitely use Justin again for our next pressure washing."

Tom- Edmonds

 "Justin was on time and did a great job cleaning my roof.  I would hire him again and highly recommend him to anybody who wants their roof cleaned." 

Fred- Marysville

 "I thought my house needed painting.  But Sky Power Wash came to my house  and made it look new again.  No kidding, they did a great job!  I am  extremely happy.   I've committed to having them come back in about 2  years to do it again.  They are great guys and hard workers.  I highly  recommend them."

Danette- Tulalip

 I consider having Justin clean my deck and brick pathway almost a gift.   On time to both bid and clean, efficient with all results great.  The  brick pathway was almost unusable prior to cleaning.  Not only looked  black but was dangerously slippery with mold.  We had considered  removing.  It is now beautiful and the grandkids have a new pathway for  playing!          

Christopher- Lynnwood

 We saw Justin power washing one of our neighbor's homes and were amazed  at how beautiful it turned out! We immediately asked for a card and  scheduled him in. He did a fantastic job! I never knew how bad our home  was until after he came along and cleaned it up, like it was brand new!  We also scheduled him for a driveway and walkway wash since they stuck  out like a sore thumb after our house was cleaned. We have lived here  for 8 years and never realized until Justin did his magic how badly kept  our outside was. Justin is extremely personable and has a wonderful  attitude. He is very professional and quick. The price is well worth it,  what a deal! 

Bill- Monroe

 It went great! They showed up on time, carefully covered/protected  fragile areas such as my neighbors fence, and went to work. They were  polite, professional and easy to communicate with. I watched them work  for a bit and observed that they were attentive to even the smallest  details. When they were done, there were no hidden charges and the place  looked great. It's refreshing to meet someone who takes pride in their  company and their workmanship!. I will use them again. A plus  experience.