Why Do I Need a Professional House Wash?

Why Do I Need a Professional House Wash?

We get this question a lot, so I thought I’d share a few of the awesome reasons you need a professional house wash! The short answer is: it’s difficult to do yourself… it’ll protect your home from mold and algae… and it’ll boost curb appeal immediately.

The long answer is:

DIY Pressure Washing Goes Wrong More Than it Goes Right

At Sky Power Wash, we have a pressure washing solution to fit every need: roofs, siding, concrete patios and driveways, decks and even your truck.The thing is, most homeowners don’t realize that you cannot power wash each of these in the same way. Different equipment, cleaning solutions and levels of pressure are needed to get the job done right.

Thinking of doing it yourself? Every year, DIY-loving homeowners will strip, dent and otherwise damage different surfaces around their house by using the wrong equipment. The most common issue we see is that most people simply apply too much pressure. You can easily tear up your shingles, dent your siding and scrape up your fence and deck by using too much pressure. Another issue is that some people are actually being TOO timid with the pressure, and are essentially just hosing off their house, not getting the results they want. Don’t waste your weekend guessing on a project like this - call in the professionals who know what equipment to use on each type of surface to get the job done safely each time. 

Algae and Mold - Don’t Leave These Untreated!

The icky green and black buildup you see on your home’s siding aren’t just dirt and grime… it’s possible you have algae and mold growing! And no, rain won’t wash it away - it could actually worsen the problem by keeping these microorganisms fed! Leaving these issues untreated could lead to irreversible damage if mold and algae spread - but it’s nothing a little house wash can’t take care of! Avoid costly roof and siding replacements by simply getting your house professionally washed 1-2 times a year. On your siding, we use a pre-wash to loosen debris which helps to keep contaminants from growing back quickly. 

A Freshly Cleaned House POPS - Boost Your Curb Appeal

So we know that rain isn’t going to wash away the buildup of grime and algae, and hosing it down yourself is a waste of time… so if you want to freshen up your home, and make your neighbors jealous, hire a professional to power wash your house! We can power wash everything from your home’s siding, roof, driveway, patio, deck and more. The best part is… regularly cleaning your home’s vinyl, wood, concrete, brick and stucco surfaces not only keeps your house looking good, but in great working condition! A clean home will impress potential buyers, the neighbors, and even your in-laws… so let the power washing professionals at Sky Power Wash boost your curb appeal today by ridding your home of dirt and grime!

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