Rainy Days Ahead: Are Your Gutters Prepared for Fall Storms?

As summer winds down, we’re looking ahead to a typical Puget Sound rainy fall. Is your home ready to handle a storm? Having your gutters inspected, clean and re-secured is the quickest, most affordable way to ensure you avoid leaks, floods and other water damage.

Gutters are more important than you think. These out-of-sight, out-of-mind parts to your home’s exterior will protect your home from flooding, pests and other damage… but only if they’re able to do their job! If you’ve cleaned your own gutters before, you know it can be kind of dangerous, and very time-consuming and labor intensive. Consider hiring a professional! At Sky Power Wash, we’re fully trained and insured, and we have our system down to ensure we leave your home clean, safe and secure.

If you’re unfamiliar with our process, here’s a run-down of what we’ll do at your home during a gutter cleaning:

First and foremost, we take our time! Other companies may come in with a pressure washer or leaf blower to try and get the job done quickly, but we find there’s too much of a risk of damaging your gutters, siding or roof, and debris can end up all over the roof and your lawn. We prefer cleaning gutters by hand to ensure a thorough clean that’s gentle and clean. We hand scoop leaves and debris using special gutter tools and haul it away from the job site in buckets. We’ll then use a rinse pump to flush out any excess silt and debris, which allows us to also test your downspout to check for clogs or leaks. While we’re up there, we’ll look for signs of water damage, loose gutters, or other roof/gutter issues that could be exacerbated by a fall storm.

Check out our YouTube page for more information about how we clean gutters, as well as the other services we provide: window cleaning, pressure washing, soft washing, fence cleaning, concrete cleaning, holiday light installation… and more!