How Sky Power Wash is Keeping Your Home Clean and Safe

We hope you and your families are staying safe at this time. To learn more about what Sky Power Wash is doing to protect ourselves and our community, click here to read our full COVID-19 statement.

We understand you may feel uncomfortable having a home service professional at your home right now, but some spring cleaning and maintenance tasks cannot be put off. We’re offering essential services such as pressure washing, gutter cleaning, window cleaning and more... Our exterior cleaning services are a necessary part of your home maintenance routine - and don't require any customer contact by our crew! At Sky Power Wash, we’re offering a contact-free experience for the customer. From the estimate, to the exterior service, to payment - it can all be done without ever coming in your home or in contact with you or a member of your household!

So while we do our part to keep a responsible distance from one another, we also want to share why our services are necessary to keeping your home not only clean, but safe. Last month we discussed on the blog why you should have your gutters cleaned this time of year. That still holds true, and we urge you to get on the schedule ASAP before spring showers wreak havoc on your home due to clogged gutters. Additionally, our pressure washing services can keep your deck, patio, walkways and driveway safe and free of dirt, grease and various growths that become slippery when it rains. Speaking of rain, did you know that rain actually does NOT make your windows dirty? Dirty screens are to blame. When spring showers blast through a dirty screen, your windows will immediately appear dirty.

Bundle our exterior cleaning services (pressure washing, gutter cleaning, window cleaning) for a 10% discount. By bundling service, we minimize the number of trips we take to our customers’ homes.