Get to Know Us at Sky Power Wash

Hi, I’m Justin Noggle - owner of the local home service business, Sky Power Wash. SPW is a local, family-owned business serving the greater Puget Sound area. A little bit about us:

At Sky Power Wash, we specialize in the difficult, time-consuming and often dangerous home maintenance tasks no one wants to do themselves: things like pressure washing, gutter cleaning, fence staining, and even holiday light/decor installation!

Before we started SPW in 2015, I (Justin) was a commercial fisherman alongside my father, long lining for halibut, black cod and gill netting for salmon in Alaska. Since 6 years old, fishing has been a huge part of my life: both as a hobby and then a profession. To stay busy during my off season, I’d pick up odd jobs around town using a hand-me-down pressure washer I was given by my in-laws who previously owned a pressure washing business. I quickly realized how in-demand my cleaning services were here in Arlington and the surrounding communities, and began to investigate the possibility of starting my own business.

When our first child was born in 2016, I committed full-time to the business to avoid long trips away at sea... but my father still owns and runs the fishing vessel, Sea Angel! We now have two beautiful children who motivate us to excel as businesspeople and members of the community.

We thank you for trusting us with your home’s cleaning and maintenance needs - and allowing us to continue thriving as small business owners in this community. One of our passions is giving back. One thing we like to do is offer free cleaning services at local landmarks, such as the Stillaguamish Valley Pioneer Museum here in Arlington. Our goal for 2020 is to continue finding unique ways to give back and keep our community a clean, wonderful place to live.

Enough about us... We’d love to hear from you! Pick up the phone and connect with us today. 425.598.0088 |